This annual event is held at Levin Central Bowling club and is an open tournament.

There were 8 players from our club participating this year, Bella & Grahame Law, Bronwyn McMahon, Erica Whittaker (dual member) Duncan Mann, Mary van der Velden, Heather Stempa and Gay Calderwood.

A total of 28 teams entered. There were 8 placings and 6 of our players came in this placing group. This was a great outcome for our Levin players.

  • 2nd: Grahame and Bella Law
  • 5th: Neil Bovey and Bronwyn McMahon
  • 6th: Gary Wylie and Erica Whittaker
  • 8th: Duncan Mann and Mary van der Velden

Well done guys!

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