Getting some help to improve

Would you like Some Bowling Advice?

Coaching Sessions

Our club has an experienced coach, Grahame Law, who provides one on one coaching by appointment.

His particular combination of bowling prowess, observational skills, teaching ability and patience have contributed to many improved bowlers our the club.

For all players, Grahame recommends that you regularly review the Top Tips and try the Bowling Manawatu “delivery” video below. Beyond the basics however, it is always best to seek tailored advice from Grahame, especially if you have injuries or difficulties. We are all different!

Grahame’s Top Tips

Train With Intent

  • Training is rehearsing for an upcoming match
  • Train with the same intensity as competition events
  • Be mentally fresh and prepared, so you can …
  • Focus and concentrate
  • Always follow your pre-shot routine
  • You must review your performance after training