About Bowling

Introduction to Lawn Bowling

The Basic Idea

Bowls or lawn bowls is a sport that can be as a team or individually against another team or individual.

The goal is to get as many of your bowls as close to the small white ball called the “jack” or “kitty” as possible. Your bowls however don’t roll in a straight line! They travel in a curve as one side is heavier than the other.

The trick is to get the weight (power of your delivery) and the line or green (angle of release) both correct. Then your bowl will stop next to the jack. Once you can repeat that vaguely consistently you’re well on your well to being a good player!

This picture shows the basic terminology. The green encompasses many rinks or lanes. The mat is placed at one end, then the jack is rolled to the far end. The head is the area that includes all of the delivered bowls and the jack.

What’s Next?

Once you know how to deliver a bowl, then the question is where and how should you deliver it:

  • should I try and stop next to the jack?
  • maybe you should put a bowl behind the jack in case it gets knocked back?
  • perhaps you try to knock the opponent’s best bowl out of the way?
  • maybe you can get a deflection off another bowl benefiting your score?
  • what might happen to the score if I miss my target?

These questions and more are part of the tactics of the game. There are so many layers to the game and a big dose of luck often comes into play as well. A real case of the best laid plans ….. which can go horribly wrong!

I’m Interested, Show Me The Game …

Watch these YouTube excepts from some top Australian and NZ bowlers to get a taste of the game…

OK, I’m Keen To Try It

Please get in touch with us, and we can arrange for you to come down to the Club, have an obligation free trial with some coaching and see if you like it. You just need a pair of flat soled shoes. All the other gear is provided.