At Levin Bowling Club on 1st & 2nd June, 20 teams of Mixed Pairs participated in the annual two day King’s Birthday Tournament.

Ideal bowling weather prevailed both days and all the bowlers enjoyed their weekend.

We are especially grateful to Jason Larsen of Levin Cars for their ongoing sponsorship of this event. In case you haven’t noticed, they have recently had a clever poetic sign installed, and if you haven’t read it yet, just click on the photo below to enlarge it.

Give Levin Cars a try next time your car needs servicing or a WoF. They sell second hand vehicles too.

The format each day was 3 games of 14 ends played in sections of four. The results were decided on games won, score differential and finally ends won. The draws were randomised on day 1, and the day 2 draw was determined by day 1 rankings, with the most successful day 1 players in playing off in the highest prize money pool, through to the least successful day 1 players playing off in their own smaller prize pool. It is a great format that gives everyone a chance to win.

The overall winners in the top Section 1 were:

  • 1st: Timeri Sanders & Iraia Peni
  • 2nd: Bronwyn McMahon & Richard Cowles
  • 3rd: Adam Batty & Erica Whittaker

The prize winners in Section 2 were:

  • 1st: Roger Athersuch & Pat Brown
  • 2nd: Grahame & Bella Law

The prize winners in Section 3 were:

  • 1st: Les & Liz Galloway
  • 2nd: Mary van der Velden & Ken Sterne

The prize winner in Section 4 was:

  • 1st: Chloe Eastham & Mike Sextus

The prize winner in Section 5 was:

  • 1st: Clare Hack & Gary Coley

Photos of our winners:

We also had a lucky prize draw winner of Graham Williams and Ralda Adams. Ralda had left and Graham really didn’t want his photo taken!

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