At Levin Bowling Club on 12th June, we held our first winter gala. The format was 3 bowl triples and we had a total of 26 teams entered, nearly filling both greens. We were thrilled to have teams coming from Shannon, Foxton Beach, Waitarere Beach, Central and Levin.

The weather was very pleasant and everyone enjoyed their day.

On the Dales green:

  • 1st: Kay Irvine, Tracey and Anne
  • 2nd: Brian Cooper, Jim Winter and Mary van der Velden
  • 3rd: Christine Avery, Peter Sayer and Doug Pitcher

On the Tiger Turf green:

  • 1st: Wayne Judd, Bronwyn McMahon and Richard Cowles
  • 2nd: Keven Bray, Brett Connell and Gary Coley
  • 3rd: Erica Whittaker, Chloe Eastham and Ken Sterne

A special thanks to our match committee for organising the games, scoring and presentations at the end of the day.

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