At Levin Bowling Club on 10th July, we held our third fortnightly Wednesday winter gala. The format was 3 bowl triples and once again we had a total of 26 teams entered, nearly filling both greens. We were thrilled to have teams coming from Bulls, Shannon, Foxton Beach, Waitarere Beach, Central and Levin.

The weather was pleasant in the morning, but got a bit chilly in the early afternoon when the sun disappeared behind the clouds, but no rain which was nice.

On the Dales green the winners were:

  • 1st: Glenn Perry, Michael Piaggi and Steven Fryer
  • 2nd: Mike Ansell, W.Linney and K Sprott
  • 3rd: Annette Piper, Janet Olliver and Jo Aitken

And on the Tiger Turf green:

  • 1st: Wayne Judd, Bronwyn McMahon and Elisabeth Glinkowska
  • 2nd: Bob Liddall, Dave Bond and Anton Ferrari
  • 3rd: Doug Pitcher, Greg Aldridge and Peter S

Thank you to our match committee for organising the event.

Our next gala is sponsored by Levin Cars and is set for July 24th. Entry will be $10 per person which includes an afternoon tea. Check out the signup sheet in the clubrooms.

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